water color

I will be sharing about how I do a water color piece. And what it means for me to do a water color piece.

I am associated with training my hand to draw and color since I was a primary school student. I used to attend hobby classes in my summer vacations, which I used to find lengthy, I mean- imagine holding a regular HB grade pencil and, coping sketches and line drawings for three hours.. That’s why I call it training. I was acquainted with many simple coloring or rendering mediums like graphite pencils, pencil colors, crayons and pastels, oil paints. And initially, handling water colors was not easy. When I joined architecture, being a student, first thing the teaching environment taught me was to strengthen my drawing skills, ‘drawing is like your language …you will use it to communicate’. I took it seriously but I channelized that gravity to improve my water color handling skill- since that was what I lacked.

Cutting my learning process short, making a water color piece is easy.

If I am in a field trip and trying to sketch what’s in front of me,

I try to copy the colors that I can see. Sounds straight, yeah. Though the real exercise is making the color. Initially the piece would seem to be abstract, and eventually, as the washes are repeated the picture would come out. Also, the another catch would be trying to keep the color patches in— harmony (here)blended in each other.

As I said, the real exercise is honestly mimicking the color.

There are also other times where I explore my strokes and the colors and, the pieces generated out of it may not necessarily have a meaning. Yet looking at them I get a feeling that there can be a story. I like the ambiguity or unclearness of such pieces. And then they are also a part my exploration process.

+ Architectural Design student